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                                      Price List

To purchase my work please use the Contact Joy form.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and do not include postage and packaging.

I will confirm P&P on receipt of order. 


South Island:

Lake Grassmere:                                                                                         $500.00

Lake Ohau:                                                                                                 (Sold)

McKenzie Country:

Scree Slopes:                                                                                              $695.00

High Country:                                                                                          $595.00 as a pair.

Autumn:                                                                                                    $595.00

Surrender to the Sky:                                                                                 $595.00

Triangular Hills:                                                                                          $595.00

Tussock Country                                                                                         $595.00 

Milford Sound:                                                                                            $595.00

Lake Alexandria:                                                                                         $800.00

Takatu Peninsula:                                                                                        $800.00


 Nude on satin:                                                                                          $900.00

Nude with Long hair:                                                                                 $600.00

Morning:                                                                                                   $600.00

Through the curtain:                                                                               Sold

Nude reading:                                                                                           $600.00


 Slice of New Zealand:                                                                               SOLD

Spice Bazaar:                                                                                            SOLD

Coromandel Dawn:                                                                                   SOLD

Indian Summer:                                                                                         ( Sold )


Rocamadour- Aquitaine                                                                               (Sold)

Le Roque Gagaec                                                                                        (Sold)

Summer en Provence                                                                              SOLD

Qatar Scenes:

 These paintings are sold by size:(prices in QR)

40 x 80  QR 1200

30 x 60 QR 1100

50 x 50 QR 1200

40 x 40 QR 800

20 x 40 QR 400